Looking forward to BBC 100 Women on Friday

The BBC have just released the full list of women involved in the one day event called ‘100 Women’ taking place this Friday the 25th October 2013 and I am very pleased to hear fellow sex worker activist Brooke Magnanti is invited too. I am very much looking forward to the event and feel very privileged to be included. I’m not quite sure what is in store but one thing’s for sure, it will be making history as such events are so rare.

I shall be taking part in radio interviews early in the morning so watch this space for confirmation of times and channels once they have been confirmed.

About annaarrowsmith

I am Britain's first and most acclaimed female adult film director, with lots of scenes written, directed and produced by myself and several awards under my belt. After 2 decades of production and distribution experience, I recently completed a PhD in Gender Studies that focuses on men's experiences of women's power in dating relationships. I know an awful lot about film-making and about gender. You might have seen me in the British media...
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