Please vote for me at The Shaftas!

I am very proud to have been nominated for best girl/girl series at this year’s Shaftas for my 13 part series Planet Nadia, which was shot in 2000. I decided to direct this series in a completely unique way.  Instead of just shooting Nadia meeting a different woman each week and basically doing the same sort of acts but just in a different suburban room with a different model, as is the usual format for a girl/girl series, I shot a mini soap opera.  We followed Nadia over 13 weeks as her life developed. She went for a job interview, became homeless, got a job and got a new home across the span of the series.  I also referenced my other series Majella Mates and Eat Me/Keep Me (a la Knott’s Landing/Dallas) as she mentioned in conversation about meeting her friends and having fun with them, which we had witnessed in the other series.  Overall, I built an environment where Nadia existed as a real woman, which resulted in it becoming a bit of a cult series for British Porn fans.

Not only was I at the top of my game but so was Nadia, easily one of the best (if not the best) porn stars I have ever filmed. I also reinvented porn aesthetics by dressing the porn stars in trendy art student’s clothes and placing them in bohemian surroundings. Nadia was perfect for this because she was fashion conscious herself.  In one scene she had sex with Layla Jade in a cluttered kitchen sink and in another she slept with Amelia in a derelict Brixton squat replete with a massive hole in the ceiling and a rusty motorbike in the front room, all with the stars wearing funky clothes and agent provocateur underwear.  I say underwear, actually I couldn’t afford the bras so I deliberately chose flat chested women to film, so I only need buy the underpants.

Anyway, it would mean the world to me to finally be appreciated for this genre changing series so please vote for me here.  You will go through some other awards first (just choose the name you like the most if you don’t know them). I’m up for girl/girl series a few pages in, under Anna Span/Planet Nadia. But hurry it closes very soon!

Thanks very much, Anna x

About annaarrowsmith

I am Britain's first and most acclaimed female adult film director, with lots of scenes written, directed and produced by myself and several awards under my belt. After 2 decades of production and distribution experience, I recently completed a PhD in Gender Studies that focuses on men's experiences of women's power in dating relationships. I know an awful lot about film-making and about gender. You might have seen me in the British media...
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