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I am Britain's first and most acclaimed female adult film director, with lots of scenes written, directed and produced by myself and several awards under my belt. After 2 decades of production and distribution experience, I recently completed a PhD in Gender Studies that focuses on men's experiences of women's power in dating relationships. I know an awful lot about film-making and about gender. You might have seen me in the British media...

Some Thoughts on Animal Rights from a Half-Arsed Vegetarian

21/28 As mentioned, yesterday marked our one-year anniversary of our emigrating to the states, it also marked the same for my change to pescatarian diet (vegetarian + fish and seafood). It was on the plane to the states that I … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Emigrating to America

20/28 Today marks our first year anniversary of moving from the UK to Pasadena, California and to mark the event in one small way we both decided to write a few words on our experiences in the last twelve months, … Continue reading

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Men’s Body Image Needs an Invite to the Party

19/28 A recent viral Internet story involves a man who was fat-shamed on the message board 4Chan because he was seen to be dancing in public until someone laughed at him and made him stop. The photos of the man … Continue reading

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The Feminist Paradox

18/28 In honour of #InternationalWomensDay I thought it fitting to post a blog post on the role of feminism today, especially the role it does or doesn’t play for women in their own lives. I was inspired to write this … Continue reading

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The Gender Pay Gap is the Parental Gap

17/28 It has been 45 years since legislation was passed in the UK to make it a legal obligation to pay both men and women the same and yet a recent UN report shows us that it will take at … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Decriminalisation of Sex Work

16/28 A recent Californian lawsuit filed by sex workers and one of their customers is arguing that sex workers’ rights are not being met under the current system that criminalises their work. It got me thinking about all of the … Continue reading

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World Book Day – A List of my Favourite Books

15/28 In honour of World book day I thought I’d share a list (in alphabetical order) of my favourite 87 books, chosen either for the enjoyment of reading them or their effect on the way I think. I know I … Continue reading

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